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Arlington Manipulators, Vacuum Lifters for Glass, Metal and Precast Concrete
Arlington Manipulators Vacuum Lift Equipment
Lifting, transporting, handling, manipulating and installing heavy glass is serious business. The Arlington mobile vacuum lift manipulator is a serious machine, engineered to prevent worker injury, glass breakage, project delays and penalty costs. Arlington Equipment is a quality oriented, machinery company specializing in Mobile Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters and jobsite ready equipment for your next project.  NY High Line Project 
The Arlington mobile ergonomic manipulator is engineered, built, and tested by glass industry professionals worldwide. A vacuum powered mobile manipulator lets you safely pick, lift, transport and install heavy insulated glass units, curtainwalls, architectural, security, weather resistant, Green Glass, sky lights, doors and precast panels often ahead of schedule and under budget.   The Arlington manipulator    with micro-motion control is the safer, more economical choice for anyone who handles heavy, awkward  panels in glass manufacturing. Model: VLSC-800 shown
Labor Shortage? Aging Workers? No Problem
Work Safely: Minimize the potential for accidents and ergonomic injury related worker compensation claims. Reduce absenteeism and work related fatique. One worker comp claim may more than pay for this machine. 
Work Inside: Work inside multi-story buildings all year protected from the weather. 
Versatile: The Arlington Mobile Vacuum Lift Manipulator eliminates installation and operation of heavy, expensive, dangerous fixed mount structures in your shop and combines the dexterity of a robot with the maneuverability of an industrial truck. Pick glass out of cases, load it onto work tables, use the manipulator as a production robot, transport and load finished product on shelves or load directly onto your trucks.  
Minimize Product Loss: The Arlington glass manipulator eliminates physical handling transfers that can lead to glass, frame damage and worker fatique. Specially compounded vacuum cups and adjustable supports protect the glass from telltale marring and provide support for asymmetric frames and structures. 
Cost Effective: Your Arlington manipulator usually pays for itself on the first project.
Work Efficiently: Complete your project ahead of schedule, often with a project completion bonus
Bid Smart: Outbid your competitors. Inside glass and unit panel installations can be finished faster than with conventional external crane lifts. Reduce crane rentals, scaffold & staging costs and dangerous temporary structures.  Bid more projects and install more glass with an Arlington Manipulator. 

Selecting the best manipulator for your business: We offer five basic models and many accessories. Tell us about your project, including your need for financing options and we will provide a detailed proposal based on your job specific requirements. We look forward to working with you.

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